Pilot Amenities

First class amenities for pilots and crew

GlobalSelect offers the best of the best for the professional flight crews who fly in and out of KSGR. An excellent atmosphere and top-notch amenities make for a pleasant experience at KSGR.

Crew Cars

We offer professional flight crew members access to our crew cars for limited local use (2 hours).

Professional Flight Crew Lounge 

The Crew Suite is available for transient executive pilots and crewmembers, and offers numerous comforts to make their stay more satisfying. Pilots and crew members may receive access to the suite by checking in at the customer service desk. The facility includes:

  • Kitchen
  • Television Lounge
  • Relaxation Room with massage chairs
  • Flight planning office
  • Private resting accommodations
  • Shower facilities
  • Coffee, sodas, and snacks
  • Movie Room with stadium seating